Don't Face Your Legal Challenges Alone

Get justice system peer support services in Billings, MT

Facing the justice system is anything but easy. It can be intimidating and overwhelming, but you don't have to go through it alone. The specialists at Dragonfly Recovery Resources can stand by your side during your legal challenges. We provide justice system peer support services in Billings, MT.

We can also help you get reacclimated into society and help you find the resources you need after incarceration. Speak with a specialist today to learn more about our justice system peer support services.

See what we can do to help you

There are many ways we can assist you during this confusing time. As part of our justice system support services, we provide:

  • Self-advocacy support
  • Re-entry support
  • Crisis relapse support
  • Community resource guidance
  • Socialization support
  • Public defender communication support
Depend on Dragonfly Recovery Resources for justice system support services in Billings, MT. Call 406-671-2122 today for more detailed information.